E-Z Burn - Fat Burners

E-Z Burn (Fat Burners)

E-Z Burn is one of the strongest legal fat burners to come to the market in the UK


These are strong, effective and work extremely well before training!


With E-Z Burn having a specific measure of ingredients, it is definitely a food supplement that is superior to it's competitors on the market.


Suitable for Men and Women, E-Z Burn are quickly becoming an essential supplement for fitness enthusiasts worldwide. 
When used together with a sensible diet and exercise programme, E-Z Burn may increase your energy levels and may help you achieve your lean physique goals.


Strictly intended for adults over the age of 18 years of age.


DO NOT consume more than 2 servings in any 24 HR period of time. 1 x Capsule serving at breakfast. A second serving can be taken 6 hours later. DO NOT consume less than 3 hours before bedtime. ALWAYS ASSESS tolerance before implementing a second serving. 


DO NOT USE in conjunction with any product containing caffeine or any stimulant. Consult a qualified medical professional before use, discontinue immediately if experience adverse effects.


DO NOT USE if pregnant, lactating or suffering high blood pressure.