Massage Gun

Massage Gun

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    The Beast Massage Gun will be a revolutionary part of your recovery routine. With quiet noise technology and a 4-6-hour battery life, this massage gun will provide the most effective massage you have ever experienced in the comfort of your own home. Percussive therapy for muscle recovery is on the rise; a breakthrough in massage therapy that treats problem areas with short, strong pulses. This muscle massager gun is a hand-held deep tissue tool that uses rapid strokes to stimulate blood flow to the muscles. It’s perfect to use all over the body, but particularly on the back and shoulders to relieve pain and improve posture.

How to use:

    You simply choose one of the 8 available attachment heads that feels the most comfortable for you, then place the massage gun on the desired muscle area and let the pulses do the work.

    You can move it slowly around the muscle area in a circular motion and change the speed setting to suit your needs with the highest speed reaching 3500 RPM.

    Massage gun head attachments

    Our massage guns are supplied with 8 portable, easy to clean interchangeable heads. Together the different heads support a variety of treatments to support your health and performance.

    Small round head – General full body muscle massage. For more focussed deeper muscle work.

    Flat head – General full body muscle massage. For increased intensity and depth.

    Pneumatic head – Massage for sensitive muscles. To manage those more painful areas.

    Spinal head – Spinal muscle massage. Specific head attachment.

    Bullet head – Trigger point therapy. For advanced localised deep muscle massage.

Lotus Head - Suitable for the soles of feet.

    Five Claw Head - Can be used for the muscle bulging such as calf muscles.

    Mushroom Head - Suitable for the pectoral muscle, shoulder and neck




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